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Welcome! fortssem0232

This is the homepage of Peter Gillgren. I am a Swedish art historian and holder of the Anders Zorn professorship at Stockholm University, Department of Culture and Aesthetics. My PhD was received from Uppsala University in 1995 on a dissertation about painted memorial tablets in Early Modern Sweden.

Publications include articles on Renaissance and Baroque art, as well as on the theories of Art History. In 2009 appeared a book on art and identity in 16th century Sweden.

A book on the spectatorship and site specificity of Federico Barocci's art was out on Ashgate in 2011.

On Ashgate, the year after, was also published a volume on Performativity and Performance in Baroque Rome. It was edited by Mårten Snickare and myself.

The most recent publication is Siting Michelangelo at Nordic Academic Press in 2017

Currently I'm working on a biography of the art historian Felix Horb (1890-1958). Horb was born in Prague, studied in Vienna and died in Stockholm.

Beside the Early Modern period I am interested in contemporary art, music and multi-media.

I live with my family in the city centre of Stockholm.