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Welcome! fortssem0232

This is the homepage of Peter Gillgren. I am a Swedish art historian and holder of the Anders Zorn professorship at Stockholm University, Department of Culture and Aesthetics. My PhD was received from Uppsala University in 1995 on a dissertation about painted memorial tablets in Early Modern Sweden.

Publications include articles on Renaissance and Baroque art, as well as on the theories of Art History. In 2009 appeared a book on art and identity in 16th century Sweden.

A book on the spectatorship and site specificity of Federico Barocci's art was out on Ashgate in 2011.

On Ashgate, the year after, was also published a volume on Performativity and Performance in Baroque Rome. It was edited by Mårten Snickare and myself.

Currently I am working on a project about Michelangelo and multimedia, for which I spent a semester at EHESS in Paris as a visiting scholar.

Beside the Early Modern period I am interested in contemporary art, music and multi-media.

I live with my family in the city centre of Stockholm.